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. president obama and mitt romney are neck-and-neck in the polls. how can they use tonight to score a photo finish win? "money" has the top three things to watch for. >>> plus a tumbling gas prices accelerate but is the relief here already getting isn't enough, another 50 cent per gallon fall could be just around the corner. we've got the details. >>> and, a new, new jersey brawl over sports setting. the heads of the ncaa and professional sports leagues stuck into a lawsuit just to keep you from betting in your fan at this football leagues. governor chris christie is ready to save the day for supporters. we'll explain. even when they say it's not it is always about "money" sandra: first, look's look at today's headlines. stocks recovered from deep losses. caterpillar sparked more jitters over corporate earnings. after dropping 108 points the dow clawed its way back to close up 2 points. >> shares of monster beverage getting mauled. the family of a 14-year-old girl is suing the company alleging her daughter died after drinking two cans of energy drink. it follows a report by the fda associat
might be a little too late. canitt romney one up him two weeks to go? fred thompson next thome. td ameritrade's president and ceo. he will tell me which candidate will be better for you and your money. facebook at a crossroads. will mark zuckerberg convince investors that they climbed out of their post-ipo ditch? third quarter earnings call is starting. we're on it. we'll bring you every detail. >>> gouging calfornians at the gas pump. stringt environmental regulatis could be costing drivers big bucks here in the golden state. california governor gray davis is here with his take in a f fox business exclusive. even when they say it's not its always abou money melissa: first, take look at the day's market headlines. the bulls in full rreat. a wave of poor earnings reports trigger ad widespread selloff. the d dove 243 points, its worse loss since june. l 10 s&p 500 sectors closed in negative territor the nasdaq fell below 3,000 for the first time since august 6th. not good. >>> they missed third quarter independent estimates and lowered full year outlook. dupont announced a restructur
%. mitt romney battled back against that during the first debate. let me play that sound bite for yo and ask you about it on the other side. >> the department energy has said that the tax break for oil companies is $2.8 billion a year. and it's actually an accounting treatment as you know that has been in place for 100 years. >> time to end it. >> and in one year, you provided $90 billion in breaks to the green energy world. now, i like green energy as well,but that is about 50 years worth of what oil and gas receive melissa: so on a oportional basis, that is 2.6 billion versus 90 billion. our brain room crunched numbed members. theyot to the number lumping in the money given to gre energy through the stimulus. it is not apples to apples comparisons. it is apples to oranges but at the same time it is all my money. all tax dollars and revenue taken from thegovernment being sent out. do y disagree with that. >> not with our industry at all. our industry has not received credits grants or checks. we benefit from deductions that lowers our taxable burden. there is no transfer of money.
and have ever been but they're not enough. some people say what you need to do, what romney said for example, tighten those sanctions, don't give as many waivers to other countries. really isolate iran economically to the point that the iranians back out iito the streets and demand regime change just like tunians and moroccans. melissa: we've seen them in the street but is i n enough? >> we seen them in the street, recently but 2009 there re millions. we didn't pay attention. that was a big mistake. that is why they want to get them back into the streets. melissa: kt, always fantastic, thank you for breaking that down for us. moving onto a potential here in the u.s., a possible oil spill in the great lakes in the northern michigan. was shocked about this. great lakes supply drinking water to 30 million people. we knew that and they have a $7 billion fishing industry. there is pipeline running underneath that carries oil from canada through the narrow straits ofhe mackinaw. a report says increasing capacity of the pipeline could turn the scene into something more like this. yeah,
. if president ama is reelected or if governor romney wins the eltion, i would think it does make sense for us to have negotiations with iran. we certainly have the time and space available to do that. negotiations don't mean at all that you give away the store. negotiations mean that you try to stop them from building a nuclear weapon but try to do it by peaceful diplomatic means with a threat of force behin you. if negotiations don't succeed you always have that option of force. melissa: yeah. >> so i think it does make sense we would try to negotiate. melissa: if they pomise to sit down one-on-one and talk that is always a chance of a stalling tactic. you keep a date and exactly do what you're doi and in essence we lose time, right? >> not necessarily, no because the international atomic energy agency is inspecting the iranian nuclear enrichment plants. we have a pretty good idea what is happening in iran and there is really nobody in washington saying we should use force right now. i'm not aware of a single politician in the democratic or republican parties who believe we should go to war
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)